Corporate Profile

Contributing to Medical Care Through the Development and Sale of Advanced Medical Devices

The management philosophy of Japan Medical Dynamic Marketing, INC. (Japan MDM) is encapsulated by the statement, "Contributing to medical care through the development and sale of advanced medical devices." Indeed, the Japan MDM Group exists to fulfill a singular mission-to contribute to medical care through a tireless dedication to creating superior medical devices and services, constantly incorporating the standpoint of patients and healthcare professionals. To accomplish this task, Japan MDM concentrates Group management resources in the medical field in its quest to deliver safe, high-quality products. The Japan MDM Group cherishes the relationships of trust it has with stockholders, business partners, employees and other stakeholders, and is determined to continue developing as a company that appeals to all stakeholders.

Below are the Japan MDM Group's current management policies.

Bolster Sales in Japan

The Japan MDM Group's sales policy is to build a presence indispensable to the frontlines of medicine by providing needed medical devices and services to patients and medical professionals across Japan. Having close ties to and collecting data from the medical frontline is also essential to delivering cutting-edge medical devices that incorporate the viewpoint of patients.

Upgrade Trading Functions

Between the development and eventual sale of medical devices, a considerable amount of time is required for the granting of regulatory approval and other procedures. Currently, Europe and the United States lead the world in terms of development in this field. Under these conditions, the Japan MDM Group has a dual role-to launch products useful in some way to the improvement of medical technology; and to introduce superior medical devices from Europe and the United States to the Japanese market. To this end, the Japan MDM Group is actively forming alliances with companies that possess outstanding products, irrespective of where they are based.

Enhance Development and Manufacturing Functions for Global Development

The desire for good health is shared by people the world over. For the Japan MDM Group, this opens the door to contributing to medical care well beyond Japan's shores. Backed by the development of cutting-edge, superior medical devices, the Japan MDM Group aims to become an internationally recognized and trusted name, providing in-house developed products and services worldwide.