Contribute to improving patients' QOL

As society enters the era of 100-year life expectancy, we recognize that our mission and raison d’etre are to contribute to improving the quality of life of patients through technological innovation in the field of orthopedics, and to help patients and their families lead better lives.

In the medical field, there is a growing demand not only for improved treatment outcomes, but also for improved healthcare economics through more efficient healthcare delivery, such as reduced medical costs and shorter hospital stays. To meet these needs, we develop, manufacture, and procure implants, medical tools, and surgical support systems that not only improve efficacy and safety, but also contribute to improved medical economics, such as shorter hospital stays. We are also committed to providing medical facilities with services that combine a higher level of expertise and superior quality.

Management philosophy

Contributing to Medical Care Through the Development and Sale of Advanced Medical Devices

Management policy

Contributing to medical care by providing authentically valuable medical equipment to the medical market not only in Japan and around the world through the development, production, import, and sales of medical equipment based on the Japan-US joint development

Long-term VSION「RT500」(FYE Mar. 2025 – FYE Mar. 2033)Management Policy

Understand the needs of the medical field and provide services that contribute to improving the value of treatment in a timely and stable manner with higher expertise and quality.

「1st Stage(FYE Mar. 2025 – FYE Mar. 2027)」Key Policies
  1. Strengthening of Sales Force
    (Expansion of U.S. Business, Expansion of Japanese Business, Establishment of China sales platform)
  2. Strengthen product portfolio management
  3. Supply Chain Management Resilience