Management Plan

Reexamination of a midterm management plan

In January 2004, Japan MDM reaffirmed its management vision of “contributing to medical care” and clarified its direction for observers within and outside the company by launching a new five-year, medium-term management plan. To achieve steady growth in our challenging business environment, we have decided to postpone the goals of the medium-term management plan by one year. This decision reflects our belief that rushing too soon to achieve a recovery in operating results through unsustainable means could hinder steady growth in the future. The five years of this plan are designated as a period for consolidating our specialist medical trader and R&D-driven manufacturer functions, and accelerating our global expansion. Japan MDM will strive to contribute to society in its determination to be an international corporation supporting good health.

Major Initiatives

Enhance Sales Structure in Japan
  • Bolster domestic sales structure
  • Strengthen marketing functions
Enhance Trading Functions via Launch of New Products
  • Strengthen trading functions through alliances
Establish and Expand Overseas Operations With Own-brand
  • Reinforce manufacturing functions by bolstering development of own-brand products
  • Accelerate expansion of global operations